Fallen Timbers

A tornado swoops down out of the dark during a deadly middle of the night thunderstorm. A cabin, nestled in the Michigan woods, is destroyed by fallen timbers. An old man is trapped in the rubble. But is he alive?

A relatable tale about the bonds of family, the power of community, and hope in the face of adversity.- Kirkus Reviews
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Two Summers in Ireland

A Pair of novellas set 50 years apart in the Emerald Island

These are simple, straightforward stories that present tender moments of human connection.- Kirkus Reviews
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Emmet and the Boy

A grandfather and his grandson spend two weeks at an idyllic lakeside cottage where they find the healing grace of family.

A sweet, moving family tale.- Kirkus Reviews
I highly recommend this sensitive book to young adults, and to those who are not so young. O’Leary is one of the best writers currently writing to this audience. - David Wilson, VVA Veteran
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Irish Crossings

Irish Crossings is a voyage of love, partings and new beginnings in the time of the Irish Potato Famine. Caitlin and Paddy embark on a journey across a beautiful country overwhelmed with heart-breaking sadness during the time of the great hunger. A harrowing winter crossing takes them through the treacherous North Atlantic Ocean. But the slums of New York are not the end of the rainbow they were promised. Through their voyage together they learn the true meaning of the Irish saying, ‘It is in the shelter of each other that people live.’

I enjoyed the book – a powerful, uplifting story, well told.- Frank West, Book Reviewer, Irish American News
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Danny's Story

The Irish who could flee went to America. Black potatoes and death surrounded those who remained. Danny has to find a way to stay alive during the long years of the potato famine. He takes his strength from his family’s love and the kindness of strangers. He is driven by his hatred for the men who tumbled his cottage and forced his family to the workhouse. Somehow, Danny must survive a tragic time when one million Irish will die. He must live to tell his story of the Irish during the time of the Great Hunger.

It is just a wonderful, wonderful book! Our ancestors would be proud that you told their story so well.- Frank West, Book Reviewer, Irish American News
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Michael's Story

Michael flees Ireland during the horror and heartbreak of the Great Hunger. Like one million other Irish, he journeys across the treacherous North Atlantic Ocean in search of a better life. He rejoins Paddy and Caitlin and together they travel across America. The young immigrants witness the rebirth of the Irish in a foreign land that is now their home.

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Bringing Boomer Home

A story of courage, sacrifice and the saving grace of brotherhood. From the idyllic fields of small town Friday night football to the war ravaged streets of Iraq, Bringing Boomer Home is a testament to the cost young soldiers pay for our freedom.

This is an excellent YA novel, and one that this not-young adult enjoyed reading.- David Wilson-The VVA VETERAN
The author has created likable characters and drawn an engaging portrait of an idyllic American town. The scenery is beautiful, and O’Leary excels at pulling the reader into the setting.- Kirkus Reviews
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Penalty Kick

Josh lives for soccer until the day of the accident. Brooke knows what it is like to wake up in a hospital bed with your whole life shattered. Inspired by true events, Penalty Kick is a poignant story about a teenage girl who tries to help a fifteen-year-old boy overcome devastating loss.

The character of Brooke has a quality of serene compassion, without a trace of self-pity, and the same is true of O’Leary’s novel, a graceful, empathetic portrayal of young suffering.- Kirkus Reviews
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More than a Game

During one magical summer three dreams come together and baseball becomes MORE THAN A GAME. Brian McBride leads the league in stolen bases and the Hens to a pennant stretch drive but he cannot run away from the lingering image of his grandfather on his deathbed. MORE THAN A GAME is a story of family, a young man's struggle to find his destiny, and the bond baseball spins between fathers and sons

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