A young man’s love for his brother changes the way a town sees one of America’s tragic heroes. Epic paintball battles in the woods, Walleye fishing in the Maumee River, and swimming in the ice cold water of Salisbury Quarry fill Cody’s and Boomer’s high school summer days. Boomer’s boyhood dream was to be the Ottawa warrior who stood on top of Buffalo Rock safe-guarding his village. Right out of high school, he joins the army and goes to Iraq. He is horribly injured when he tries to save soldiers trapped in a Humvee destroyed by an IED. As Grand Rapids’ quarterback, Cody followed his big brother’s blocks on the football field. He is crushed when Boomer leaves home and completely devastated when he visits Boomer in the Brooke Army Medical Center. Stanley Lewinski was a photo-journalist during the War in Viet Nam. With his inspiration, Cody and his granddaughter, Kim embark on a journey to bring Boomer home to The Town That Never Stared.