Emmet and the Boy [2019]

Emmet and the Boy

Emmet and the Boy - A Story of Endless Love and Hope

Danny's Story [2018]

Danny's Story

A tale of courage and sacrifice during the time of the great hunger

Irish Crossings [2016]

Irish Crossings

Irish Crossings is a voyage of love, partings and new beginnings in the time of the Irish Potato Famine.

Bringing Boomer Home [2015]

Bringing Boomer Home

A young man’s love for his brother changes the way a town sees one of America’s tragic heroes.

Penalty Kick [2014]

Penalty Kick

The life of a 15-year-old soccer star is changed in an instant in O'Leary's (Penalty Kick, 2014) poignant YA novel

More than a Game [2004]

More than a Game

During one magical summer three dreams come together and baseball becomes MORE THAN A GAME.